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St Joseph's PS, Madden, Co Armagh

Key Worker Arrangements

21st Mar 2020

Dear Parent,

I write to you regarding the ongoing confusion and developments in relation to the Coronavirus and the provision for ‘Key Workers’.

All schools are now closed as we know them but the Department of Education has instructed that schools reopen to facilitate ‘Supervised Learning’ for the children of ‘Key Workers’.

As a school we are keen to show our unreserved support for the ongoing challenge our healthcare services are currently facing. We realise we have a vital role to play in providing support for our community.

Because of the late notice received, Friday at 5pm we are without an operational plan and appropriate protective measures are not yet in place .

We will take Monday to ensure all practical steps are in place eg. Setting up the school hall with two metre intervals, Having hand sanitisers delivered and placed, deep cleaning by staff of all furniture and floor areas, toilets etc.

We will also undertake the DE/CCMS/EA guidance and initiate a plan, which could involve working with other local schools, (Hub School) to facilitate a very limited number of places which will be guided by the number of staff available. Our staffing situation at present is extremely stretched and therefore such places will be strictly for the children of ‘Key Workers’ who have no other childcare options.

The guidance released to schools on Friday evening states, ‘the Executive has asked parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.’

We now need to know who is a KEY worker with no other childcare options, the guidance notes for these workers are below. Please contact the school via by 5pm tomorrow so that we have an indication of how many pupils may be in attendance.

We will keep you fully informed of developments on Monday 23rd March and hopefully we will be able to begin this service on Tuesday. If you have any queries, suggestions or concerns please contact me at the school on Monday.

Thank you at this challenging time for everyone.

Paud Loughran


• Education and childcare. This includes nursery and teaching staff, social workers and those specialist education professionals who will remain active during the Covid-19 response

• Public safety and national security. This includes civilians and officers in the police (including key contractors), Fire and Rescue Service, prison service and other national security roles

• Transport. This will include those keeping air, water, road and rail transport modes operating during the Covid-19 response

• Utilities and Communication. This includes staff needed for oil, gas, electricity and water (including sewage) and primary industry supplies, to continue during the Covid-19 response, as well as key staff in telecommunications, post and delivery, services and waste disposal

• Food and other necessary goods. This includes those involved in food production, processing, distribution and sale, as well as those essential to the provision of other key goods (e.g hygiene, medical etc)

• Other workers essential to delivering key public services

• Key national and local government including those administrative occupations essential to the effective delivery of the Covid-19 response

The aim is to keep the number of pupils coming into schools to a minimum.



Key Workers


Key Workers

Health and Social Care.  This includes doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, social workers, home carers and staff required to maintain our health and social care sector