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St Joseph's PS, Madden, Co Armagh

Special Educational Needs

Care is taken at all times to match the curricular provision for all pupils to their particular stage of development and to take account of any difficulties or special talents which may emerge, the new Code of Practice for pupils with Special Educational Needs is being fully implemented throughout our school. Further details can be obtained through our Special Educational Needs (SEN) policy:

Special Needs Policy


Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants work together with class teachers to support the delivery of learning across the curriculum. Teaching assistants…

  • Deliver individual and small group learning.
  • Assist teachers in the day-to-day maintenance and running of the classroom environment.
  • Help to develop and support positive attitudes and good learning behaviour.
  • Provide direct support for children who find it difficult to learn.
  • Assist with lesson preparation and administrative tasks.
  • Are fully trained to deliver the "Reading Partnership" and "Maths Catch-up" programmes.

External Agencies

External Agencies

We strongly support and value a multi-agency working approach, welcoming and encouraging the active involvement of parents and carers. Advice, information and direct assistance from a range of statutory and non-statutory bodies ensures effective inclusion for ALL pupils at St. Joseph’s Primary School.

  • The School Nurse (Mrs Helen Curry) based at Tower Hill, Armagh. (02837412510)


  • Educational Psychologist (Bann House, Portadown). A service offering assessment and advice in support of pupils with a range of learning difficulties. (02838351480)


  • SpLD Services (SELB) provides advice and support for children with a specific learning difficulty. (02837512200)


  • Pupil Personal Development Services (SELB) provides advice to schools in relation to pupils’ general welfare. (02837512200)


  • Autism Advisory and Intervention Services (AAIS – SELB) – supports the personal, social and educational development of children with an autistic spectrum disorder. (02837512200)


  • Language and Communication Services (SELB) supports schools in meeting the needs of children identified with language and communication problems. (02837512200)


The following links, sites and Apps may be useful in providing information to parents and supporting pupils with Special Educational Needs.

Information for parents



Useful Websites


Useful Ipad apps

14th Jan 2015

Ipad Apps to support children with Specific Literacy Difficulties.

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