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St Joseph's PS, Madden, Co Armagh

Class DOJO

Dear parents,

Because of the restrictions imposed on schools as a result of COVID-19, many of our traditional practices will Need to be changed.

One of the more challenging restrictions is the guidance to limit the exchange of materials between home and school. As you can imagine, this has many implications on our “normal” school procedures including:

The use of school bags

Completion and marking of homework tasks

Use of school reading books / materials / Accelerated Reading

Communication between school and home e.g. letters

As a result we will be introducing a new, digital service (App)to support us in making the required changes. The app, known as Class Dojo, will be used throughout our school and will become a vital means of communication between home and school. It is therefore vitally important that all parents sign up to the service. Please note, those parents who used the app during lockdown will not be required to complete the following steps.



In its simplest form CLASS DOJO is a service that will enable you to keep in contact with your child’s teacher and enjoy a snapshot of your child’s learning at St. Joseph’s. 

The parent app is divided into four main sections:


The Stories section is a social feed shared by your child’s teacher. A teacher might use stories to share class messages, tasks, resources or simply showcase learning which is ongoing in the classroom.

Stories can be viewed by the parents of all children specific to that class Group. Parents can comment and like posts in this section.


The Activities Section offers a range of fun tasks which can be explored at home with your child. Included are bed time stories, meditation ideas and a selection of other activities which you may find useful.



The messages section offers A private messaging service allowing you to communicate directly with your child’s teacher and visa versa. It is important to remember that unlike “stories” these messages are private and can only be seen by the class teacher and parent.



The notifications section will update you on any new communications uploaded by the teacher.


This week you will receive information describing how to set up the “parent app”.

Setting up & Using CLASS DOJO