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St Joseph's PS, Madden, Co Armagh

Miss Rock's Accelerated Reading Awards

19th Jun 2020

Good morning boys and girls in Primary 5 and 6 and welcome to our final online accelerated reading awards for this year! You have performed tremendously well in accelerated reading and I can imagine there were days when it was difficult to complete accelerated reading as you weren’t in school but I hope these online awards every week helped to motivate you in some small way. Remember to say a huge thank you to whoever helped you find books at home or online during this time.

A number of pupils have achieved exceptionally high word counts throughout the week:

Primary Five

Annie Smith – 106,780 words

Sean Lappin – 49,424 words

Odhrán McGeary – 43,333 words

Ciaran Woods – 11,425 words

Jack O’Reilly – 4,753 words

Primary Six

Tara Gray – 75,967 words

Philip Carr – 51,764 words

Clodagh Gallagher – 24,188 words

I’m delighted to see Annie Smith has reached her target this week and read an amazing 106,780 words. Well done Annie!


This week, in Primary Five my star reader is… Odhrán McGeary.

Odhrán has already gained a super achievement in accelerated reading this year by becoming a word millionaire. I’m delighted to see that Odhrán has continued to read and is now on 155% of his target, good boy Odhrán! Keep up the super dedication towards reading!


This week, my Primary Six star reader is ... Tara Gray.

Tara has already reached her target and become a word millionaire yet she is STILL reading so I think this definitely deserves recognition! Well done Tara!

As this is our last week of online learning, I want to congratulate you all for your fantastic efforts with accelerated reading. The accelerated reading program will operate throughout the summer so you can continue to read books and take quizzes if you wish. Finally, boys and girls please try to do a little reading over the summer holidays because this extra reading will really help you when you hopefully return to school.

Miss Rock